The “Apple Test” A Serious Get Skinny Secret



Do you ever eat when you are not really hungry?  Eat out of boredom?  Mindlessly eat while watching TV or working on the computer?  Way too many calories in our  diet come from unnecessary snacking.  Snacking just to satisfy a craving or because we see something that just looks too good not to stuff into our pie holes 🙂

I challenge you to the “Apple Test” for just one week.  If you commit to this way of thinking, I PROMISE your caloric intake will drastically decrease and you will LOSE WEIGHT!  It is just so simple, here is what to do:  When you are hungry (or think you are hungry) ask yourself, “Am I hungry enough to eat an apple (or insert your favorite fruit or vegetable)?”  If the answer is no, then don’t eat, move on to the next task in your day, get busy and out of the kitchen!  If the answer is yes, then eat the apple!

Mind over matter!  So much of changing your eating habits is changing the way you think about hunger and eating!


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